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The inaugural workshop of Bound in Japan! It was quite a learning experience – for the participants, of course, but also for me. Encouraging creativity while trying to guide it can be a big challenge!

The theme of the workshop was “Life in Japan.” The book art ranged from reflections on family and travel to memories created in a new hometown.

None of the participants had prior experience with book art, and it was wonderful to see everyone enjoying the creative process so much. Some of them are already making plans to make their second flag book!


今回のテーマは「Life in Japan」で、皆さんは家族や旅行から新しい居住地での思い出まで様々な作品ができています。



model of a star (carousel) book

Nine more days and I’ll be boarding a plane to Japan! I can’t wait to kick off the first edition of Bound in Japan.

The Kagoshima edition begins in Kanoya City with two workshops sponsored by the Kanoya International Exchange AssociationYanedan, a local artist collective, has generously allowed us to use their facilities for the workshops.

Special thanks go out to Nathan Bastin for making Bound in Japan possible in Kanoya! Nathan currently works in Kanoya as a Coordinator for International Relations (CIR) with the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program. Check out his blog to see all the great activities he’s involved in.

Nathan and I have been coordinating details over the past few months, and I am excited to finally meet him in person as well as the Kanoya community. For those of you who don’t know, I lived in Kagoshima Prefecture for several years. Returning to Kagoshima always feels like coming home.

A Schedule page has gone up on the website so keep an eye on it to see where Bound in Japan will be next!



このワークショップを開くのに、鹿屋市で勤めている国際交流員のNathan Bastin さんの貢献がとても貴重でした。ネイサンさんにとても感謝しています。彼は他にも国際交流のため活躍しています。どういう活動をされているか、彼のブログで紹介しています。