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The inaugural workshop of Bound in Japan! It was quite a learning experience – for the participants, of course, but also for me. Encouraging creativity while trying to guide it can be a big challenge!

The theme of the workshop was “Life in Japan.” The book art ranged from reflections on family and travel to memories created in a new hometown.

None of the participants had prior experience with book art, and it was wonderful to see everyone enjoying the creative process so much. Some of them are already making plans to make their second flag book!


今回のテーマは「Life in Japan」で、皆さんは家族や旅行から新しい居住地での思い出まで様々な作品ができています。



“The making of things.”
This endeavor brings forth dreams, delight, and encounters.
And in this endeavor, there is an “energy” that feeds our well-being. 

These are the first lines of the greeting that is found on the website for The Power of Letterpress Art (活版アートのチカラ), an event happening in Taito Ward, Tokyo, on May 28 & 29. Organized by lovers and makers of moveable type, paper, and all related to letterpress art, the event offers a program of exhibitions, workshops, and goodies for purchase at three locations.

第1会場:大伸印刷ガレージ (Daishin Printing Garage)

・活版印刷ワークショップ Letterpress printing workshop
・活字販売 Sale of moveable type
・活版材料販売及び展示 Showcase and sale of letterpress materials
・製版体験 Printmaking workshop
・デザイナー、作家作品展示 Exhibition of designer and artist work

第2会場:ハワイアン・カフェ「サルブ」(Hawaiian Cafe Solve)

・活版作品 Letterpress products and art
・阿波和紙展示販売 Showcase and sale of Awagami Factory products
・似顔絵コーナー Portrait corner
・学生作品 Exhibition of student work
・喫茶、休憩コーナー Cafe

第3会場:手打萬蔵そば「尾張屋」(Owariya Soba)

・作家作品の展示販売 Showcase and sale of art and products
・「活版蕎麦」 Special “Kappan Soba” menu