Balsa (Red Trillium Press)

Besides Bound in Japan, the other thing occupying a large amount of my time (other than my day job) is the 2010 11th Biennial Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair and Conference. This year’s fair is called “The Book (R)evolution,” and it’s going to be one amazing, jam-packed three-day book arts bonanza! How do I know? Because I’m on the steering committee! Our committee has been hard at work all year to put together a great program for these three days: November 5-7.

Lectures such as “Fiber, Paper, Book” by Ann Kalmbach and Terez Iacovino of Women’s Studio Workshop and Harry Lee Poe whose talk “Edgar Allan Poe and the Mystery of the Universe” is a part of the NEA’s “The Big Read” initiative.

Demonstrations ranging from pop-up books with Paul Johnson to altered and flip books and artist collaborations.

Secret Garden (Paul Johnson)

Four inspiring documentaries including one of my personal favorites, Between the Folds, which features origami and the intersection between art and science.

Several site-specific installations for the weekend and other exhibitions plus a virtual reality environment by Deborah and Richard Cornell.

And, of course, the much anticipated exhibitors fair with more than 40 exhibitors from across the nation as well as England, China, and Mexico! Interviews with the exhibitors are being posted to the PABAF blog–check it out here.

Habitat (Jessica Peterson)

I’m very pleased to have come up with this year’s theme “The Book (R)evolution.” The juxtaposition of “evolution” and “revolution” really resonated with me. The broadest definition that I have come across for the word “book” is “information collected for sharing or presentation.” It makes me think about how the book form has evolved over the centuries, from clay tablets and scrolls to the bound pages we have come to equate with the word “book.” And it brings to mind how the book has impacted the lives of humans and society. From illuminated manuscripts to the first printing press to the e-reader, how sensational each step of the way has been! And it continues to change in form and concept.

Even as speculation continues on the future of publishing and the paper book, book arts and letterpress printing have been enjoying an incredible revival. No doubt they are here to stay, and here, at the Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair, we are looking forward to a grand three-day celebration in November. This is a must for anyone who is passionate about books, art, and living creatively!

Hope to see you there!