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In a previous post, I referred to Yanedan as an artist collective. It’s actually much more diverse than that. About 300 people live in the collective, and they are engaged in various activities, from agricultural developments to brewing shochu and, of course, making art. People from all over the country come to visit and study the practices conducted at Yanedan.

There are seven artists currently living in Yanedan, and I was fortunate enough to have the hospitality of the Kawanos while there. Seiichi and Shizue are both very artistic people who instantly embraced book art and made great efforts to ensure the success of the two workshops at Yandan. I’m grateful to them for being my host family and introducing me to a broader community of creatives in Kagoshima.

I lived in Kagoshima for three years and never knew such a place existed. It was wonderful to visit and teach at Yanedan. I hope that someday I’ll have the opportunity to come back and learn more about this unique community.

I couldn’t have asked for a better location to kick off Bound in Japan. My thanks go out to Yanedan, the Kanoya International Exchange Association, and Nathan Bastin for making it possible.

the Kawanos





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On Sunday, I meet with a second group of participants to make star books. During the workshop, they made guidebooks to their Japanese hometowns. Rather than introducing the famous spots in the area, they were asked to create a book about the places and things that are personally significant to them.

It’s very difficult to start from zero and create a work of art in one day, but they did a great job despite the time constraints!