Pull open the covers and rows of “flags” pop up in salute! And thus Hedi Kyle’s invention became known as the flag book. With so many pieces, it looks complicated but is relatively easy and fun to assemble. The flag book structure was the focus of my second demo class which met during November and December of last year.

My five dedicated participants are all former residents of Japan. One is a native Japanese, and the others had either taught in Japan or studied there. Over the course of five sessions, the participants created a model of the structure, did writing exercises to generate content, and produced the final product.

Two of the books can be seen in the above picture. Erin’s book (left) focuses on the contrast between the calm and chaos she found in Japan, and Danielle’s book (right) indulges in her love of Japanese onomatopoeia and is accompanied by English haiku.

去年の11・12月をわたってフラグ・ブックのクラスを行いました。参加者:日本で英語教師をした経験者2人、留学した経験者2人と日本人1人。日本での生活を基づいたライティング課題を通じて、皆それぞれのストーリーを作ってフラグ・ブックを完成しました。上の写真は、エリン(左)とダニエル(右)の作品です。エリンの本では、calm(落ち着かせること)とchaos(混乱させること) を対照します。ダニエルは日本語の擬態語や擬音語が好きで、それだけを使ったストーリーを作り、英語の説明は俳句形式で。

Introducing the other artists and their flag books….