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一生勉強、一生青春。A lifetime of study, a lifetime of youth.

This is one of my favorite phrases by Mitso Aida, a poet and an artist, and a sentiment I strongly agree with. Learning is not confined to the schoolroom. It is a lifelong journey, and you are not truly living if you do not continue to grow and learn. Whether it’s picking up a newspaper or a book, pursuing a hobby, or just being attuned to the changes and rhythm of your environment–there are many ways to expand the boundaries of our experience and understanding.

I think all good educators subscribe to this philosophy. In seeking to further our own personal development and enrichment, not only are we gaining new knowledge and experiences to share with others, we can also learn new techniques and methodology for teaching. As such, I am very excited to be heading to the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Deer Isle, Maine, at the end of this month. At Haystack, I will be participating in a week-long book arts workshop with Sas Colby called “The Transparent Book: Working with Layering, Transparencies, and Overlays.”

During this one week I will attempt to temporarily abandon all of my other responsibilities. With spotty cell phone reception and limited access to the internet, this is truly a great opportunity to focus on my art without distractions.

This is a gift of time. And more than that, it allows me to be in an amazing environment that supports and inspires creativity. In nuturing my own creative pursuits, I will also gain more insight into how to guide others through a similar experience. I will definitely be looking for ways that this experience can contribute to the creative process of Bound in Japan.