There’s an incredible freedom to creating something from nothing–the possibilities are truly endless. However, much satisfaction can also be gained from working within restrictions. It’s like playing a game and knowing you can beat it despite any rules and challenges.

Working with collage provides a similar kind of thrill for me, especially when working with found text. It’s like catching random snippets of other people’s conversations and imagining a story around that.

I consider myself fairly fluent in Japanese, but I’m still a little self-conscious when writing in Japanese. The mistakes are just so much more glaring. However, with collage, we all know that it’s constructed, and we are more impressed with the coherence of these disparate parts than concerned with any imperfections. I can string together phrases to my heart’s content and create stories that would otherwise have never been written.

Collage is a great medium, and anybody can do it. Just grab a pair of scissors, some glue, and add some inspiration.

The collage postcard above as translated (in spirit):

Forget about the frustrations, about everything. The solution is to choose the things you love. Without hesitation.