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Quakebook resulted from a desire to do something — to help Japan — in some way after the March 11 Tohoku disaster. Here is a collection of stories, accounts by individuals who experienced the earthquake, who witnessed the aftermath, and who could do little but watch the events unfold from afar. Some of these stories are told by Japanese people. Most are by non-Japanese people who call Japan home or who feel connected to Japan. They are found throughout the world.

An idea that began to grow and expand via Twitter, Quakebook is a labor of love by a community united in their love of Japan and its people.

Officially, its title is 2:46: Aftershocks: Stories from the Japan Earthquake. Thanks to the cooperation of Amazon and Sony, 100% of the money you pay for this book goes directly to the Japanese Red Cross. Details here.

Quakebook について、日本語で詳しくはこちら

Have you ever seen a crayon sculpture? It was love at first sight when I laid eyes on the work of Diem Chau. She is a wonderful artist, and she’s using her art to raise money for the Japanese Red Cross Society. Diem is selling raffle tickets for $10 each. The prize: A family “portrait” carved in crayons. Check out details here.

I’m a big fan of ARTivism. Yes, friends, art can change the world.