Our philosophy is that everyone, young or old, has a creative spark and should be given the opportunity to create art. Being part of a large art project gives one a sense of pride. Art breeds community.


These are the words of Janet Payne who, along with Paige Cunningham, created the art project “C is for Cape May.” This is an ABC book that is also a visual ode to Cape May, New Jersey, with each letter of the alphabet featuring something special about the area. Each illustration is divided into 64 squares, and the community is invited to color these squares, creating unique mosaics.

It’s a simple process, but the result is magical. Each square is like an individual lens pointing at the same subject. Each perspective is a little different yet familiar. Together, they are a reflection of the rich community whose lives criss-cross in Cape May. Once the book is completed, the participants are sure to look at it and feel proud to have been a part of this project–and proud to be a part of this community.

Art breeds community. Such a simple but powerful statement. This is the same motivation behind Bound in Japan.

Read more about Payne and Cunningham’s project here.

Thank you to Shiori Okazaki for the Japanese translation of Janet Payne’s quote.

The above image is from Shore News Today.