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Workshops in Maniwa and Tsuyama this weekend!

NEW! Maniwa & Tsuyama Workshop Poster 真庭・津山ワークショップポスター

Registration is currently open for Bound in Japan workshops in Okayama in September. To sign up for a workshop, please send an email to tknlam[at] with (1) your full name, (2) phone number, and (3) preferred workshop date.

Each workshop is limited to 8-10 participants (depending on the workshop), and the workshop fee is 1000 yen and will cover the cost of materials and expenses related to the exhibition. Registration is open to current residents (age 18 and up) of Japan.

I’m very happy to announce that the Bound in Japan exhibition in Okayama will be held at the Cifa Cafe gallery, and I look forward to inviting the community to view and interact with the book art created by you, the participants.

ワークショップ参加受付中です(18才以上の方)。希望者はメールで(1)名前、(2)希望日、(3)電話番号、tknlam[at] に送ってください。[at] を「@」に変えてください。参加費は1000円で、材料の一部はこちらで用意します。


All workshops run from 10:00AM to 4:00PM with a lunch break.

Okayama City
(Okayama Civic Hall 岡山市民会館)
Saturday, September 17: Flag book
Register by September 13

Maniwa City
(Kuse Kouminkan 久世公民館)
Saturday, September 24: Flag book
Register by September 20

Tsuyama City
(Machinaka Salon Saisai まちなかさろん・再々)
Sunday, September 25: Star book
Register by September 20

Photos from previous workshops
Flag books at Yanedan (Kanoya-shi)
Star books at Yanedan (Kanoya-shi)
Star books (Kagoshima-shi)
Flag books (Kagoshima-shi)
Star books (Kyoto)

Photos from Bound in Japan Kagoshima exhibition

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Thanks to We Are One Japan and Café Frosch, Bound in Japan had an excellent workshop yesterday. We had participants from Japan, Germany, Holland, and Hong Kong who are currently living in Kyoto and Kobe.

It has been fascinating to observe each workshop and the way each person approaches his or her book. The Kyoto workshop may have been the first workshop where everyone adopted paper cutting as her main pictorial expression. Even so, the results were all different and clearly reflected each person’s individuality.

In the beginning it never occurred to me that I was teaching people how to make art. I simply thought that I was introducing people to a new form of art — book art. However, most of the participants are not artists and do not regularly engage in the act of creating. I find myself often talking about the process of art making.

Participants are sometimes frustrated that the reality of their handiwork does not match the image in their minds. I frequently find myself emphasizing that although the workshop is a one-day affair, art usually is not. And that change and evolution is part of what happens as you continue to work on your idea.

So I encourage them to view the workshop as a learning experience and use their newly gained skills to create even better and more satisfying books in the future. I am confident that there are some budding book artists leaving my workshops.

We Are One JapanCafé Frosch の協力をいただき、昨日バウンド・イン・ジャパンのワークショップを京都で開催しました。参加者は日本、ドイツ、オランダ、香港出身で今京都と神戸に住んでいます。