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Washi and Japanese stationery stores can be found within a stone’s throw in any direction in Kyoto, but if you’re looking for something with a European/Western flair, here’s the shop for you. The Writing Shop is one of the few places that features stationery made with cotton paper (the usual options are washi or standard paper). The shop sells note cards letterpress printed with original designs as well as limited edition prints. It also carries a selection of European stationery and hand bound journals with beautiful leather covers.

And if you run out of letterpress printed business cards while in Kyoto, this is probably your only other option in the city besides Juppunya!

In a city that has made great efforts to preserve its traditions, letterpress printing is one tradition that has all but disappeared in Kyoto. One of the rare exceptions is Juppunya (十分屋) located near Kyoto City Hall. Juppunya is a small family business that prints up business cards, invitations, and other paper announcements.

In operation for about fifty years, their print jobs now include a lot of digital work. However, if you prefer to order a set of letterpress printed business cards, Yamaguchi-san or his father will take care of that for you. And if you’re in a hurry, they’ll even do it while you wait. It’ll take about ten minutes or so — hence their shop name Juppunya (Ten Minute Shop).

Juppunya’s Heidelberg letterpress