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Mitsuhiko Imamori’s first foray into the world of paper cuts was during his elementary school days. Mitsuhiko Imamori was — and is — a nature enthusiast, and during those childhood years, he spent endless hours cutting bugs, birds, plants, and other natural forms out of paper.

His scissors were laid to rest for about thirty years before he began to make paper cuts again. He has since become famous not only for his paper cuts but also for his photography.

From August 17, a collection of his paper cut art from the past fifteen years can be viewed at Museum “Eki” Kyoto, located on the 7th floor of the Isetan Department Store in Kyoto Station. The exhibition is titled “Magic Scissors: The Paper Cuts of Mitsuhiko Imamori.”

This shop is so delightful that I simply had to include it here. Tamaru Inbou designs and produces original stamps. They are so proud (and rightly so) of their stamps that there are signs all over the displays prohibiting photographs. I earned my right to photograph by purchasing these beauties. The stamps pictured here are not merely depicting characters of yore; these characters are speaking in samurai talk (bushi-go). Except for the one that says “thank you,” I had to ask for translations because my samurai speech skills are not yet up to par.

Tamaru offers various collections of stamps, and many of them are not only unique but also uniquely Japanese. And these bushi-go ones are outright fun and fabulous.