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My last Kagoshima workshop was with a small group of JETs (Japan Exchange and Teaching Program participants). In the other workshops, the participants all knew each other to a certain extent, but these gals were more than just acquainted — they obviously hang out a lot and share a lot of memories.

During this workshop, there was a lot of reminiscing going on. What surprised me the most was how the writing and conversation really pulled memories up to the surface. Most of these JETs have only been here for a year, but it has been long enough that even the most extraordinary experiences now seem like the everyday norm. The whispers of the past were almost audible as they reminded each other of this event or that trip or some other memory.

It was very moving to work with them and watch them remember all the things that have made their time in Kagoshima so precious. They remind me of — well, me. How I fell in love with this place and why I keep on coming back.

They made great books, and I’m excited to see it all come together in the exhibition.

Come on by! The exhibition opens this Friday, July 15 and runs through Wednesday, July 20.

鹿児島県での最後のワークショップは、JET プログラムの参加者の6名と行いました。各ワークショップで、参加者の皆さんは以前から知り合っているようでしたが、この6人はとても仲良くて、共有した経験や思い出は多かったようです。




Fresh off the press! The Bound in Japan Kagoshima exhibition poster is now available. Feel free to print and send to others. You can also invite people through the exhibition’s Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing you at the Good Neighbors gallery for the exhibition!