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For those of you who were unable to visit the exhibition, here is a photo tour….

Up the stairs and around the corner – Voila! The entrance to the gallery.

A table and bench where you can sit and make a card to add to the community book. The community book is located on the table against the back wall, right underneath the Bound in Japan sign.

The community book is a collection of individual people’s definitions of home.

A close up.

As you sit and make your card, this is your view.

The shelves of books – left, center, right.

And what are those circles, you say? It is a gratitude mobile with the names of all the people who have supported Bound in Japan during the past three years and those who have made the Kagoshima edition possible. A big THANK YOU to all of you!

And this is how the gallery looks with people in it!

That’s how I think of the Bound in Japan Kagoshima exhibition. And that is the inspiration for the display — a reading room where you can pick up the books and even sit for a spell. There’s even a table where you can make a card to add to the ongoing community book. Sounds cool? Come check it out! Only 3 days left before the this library closes!

Exhibition details here.