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A few days ago I journeyed to Okayama City for the first time to visit Cifa-Cafe where the Bound in Japan exhibition will be held in October. It’s a gem of a place, but you’d be forgiven for overlooking its modest facade, especially with the presence of the Okayama Orient Museum and the Okayama Prefectural Museum of Art right across the street. Located on the third floor is Cifaka, a design firm, as well as their cafe and gallery — and there’s even an open terrace!

I was given a quick tour (it’s a small but delightful space) by Daisuke Sakumoto, the head of Cifaka, and then we sat down to discuss the details. Sakumoto-san is originally from Kagoshima — What are the odds I’d run into someone from Kagoshima in Okayama? Sometimes fate does impress me.

Sakumoto-san is a person who loves art and design, and I’m looking forward to working with him and Cifaka in the upcoming weeks!

The book art created during the workshops will be exhibited here at Cifa-Cafe. Join a workshop! Details here.





For those of you who were unable to visit the exhibition, here is a photo tour….

Up the stairs and around the corner – Voila! The entrance to the gallery.

A table and bench where you can sit and make a card to add to the community book. The community book is located on the table against the back wall, right underneath the Bound in Japan sign.

The community book is a collection of individual people’s definitions of home.

A close up.

As you sit and make your card, this is your view.

The shelves of books – left, center, right.

And what are those circles, you say? It is a gratitude mobile with the names of all the people who have supported Bound in Japan during the past three years and those who have made the Kagoshima edition possible. A big THANK YOU to all of you!

And this is how the gallery looks with people in it!