The  beginning of a new year is always exciting, this year even more so. After two years of preparation, 2011 will mark the realization of Bound in Japan in the latter half of the year. As the countdown begins, I cannot help but reflect upon the many challenges and accomplishments that have brought me this far. And more importantly, the many people who have supported and assisted Bound in Japan in myriad ways.

During these past two years, I have reached out to friends and strangers alike, and I have been greatly impressed and humbled by the generosity extended to me. Despite the busy lives that we all lead, these individuals have given their time to helping with translation and editorial work, making book art and sharing their stories, giving advice and acting as cheerleaders. Some have taken their support even further by contributing financially to the project.

Although I am at the forefront of Bound in Japan, there is an entire community behind me. Without these people, Bound in Japan would not be possible. To all of you, thank you.